Hi, I'm Teja

Photo of Teja Luckily I got the chance to find my passion in what I do - developing all kinds of software Growing up in the alps addicted me to mountain sports. Additionally I love travelling and getting insights into foreign cultures. Besides my mother tongue German I speak English fluently and am able to communicate in Spanish as well.

DIY Lasercutting Machine

Inspired by several do-it-yourself laser cutters I found on the web I was fond of building my own one. Because most of the projects have limited work space I wanted a machine that can cut at least standard paper sheets. Additionally I wanted the option to use a more powerful laser as well. Therefore I designed a scalable x-y-table with an easy exchangable laser. As the RepRap community already did a great job on building machines with ordinary parts it was just convenient to do so as well. All parts of the laser are either 3d-printable or available in hardware stores, reprap shops or similar. The project sources and a BOM will be released soon.

Work experience

11.2013 till today
Freelancer Munich Focus: Web, Mobile, UX

01.2013 – 10.2013
Sweet Mustard Inc San Francisco/Munich Lead Web Engineer

Web application development for a social network based on sports. HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, Git, Amazon Beanstalk

03.2011 – 12.2012
Motorola Mobility Germany GmbH Munich Senior Software Engineer

Real-time parser for recognizing and processing of date and time expressions in natural language on Android: Architecture and implementation, context-sensitive interpretation of colloquial times, quality assurance unit testing. Java, Android, Regular Expressions, GExp, Calendar-API, JUnit, Git Design and implementation of UI elements on Android: Client-specific presentation of items, contacts, appointments, and various pre-loaded apps with search. Integrated form of feedback including screenshots and file upload. Java, Android, Contacts-API, Calendar-API, Maps, Intents, PackageManager, Git Universal library for beta testing apps: Design and management of implementation, integration as a service, crash log reporting, configuration management (A-B testing) screenshot uploading, remote logging, update notifications, user and device authentication. Java, Android, JSON, HTTP, Amazon S3, Git Extension and maintenance of a B2B web interface for managing location-based third-party content: Acquisition of an externally developed project, re-implementation of authentication and authorization, security according to current standards (including cross-site scripting, session hijacking, ...). Grails, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, MySQL, XML, JSON, AJAX, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, Chef, Graylog, Google Maps API, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Subversion Product management: Concept and functional prototype of a successor of the product Aloqa. Inkscape, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, jQuery & jQuery UI

03.2009 - 02.2011
Aloqa GmbH (acquired by Motorola) Munich Software Engineer

Concept and implementation of an internal app marketplace: Requirements analysis across multiple platforms (Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile), consistent implementation taking into account different display sizes and unified user experience. Java, Spring, Hibernate, Glassfish, JSF, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, diverse Mobile Browser Development of a high-performance and flexible architecture for parsing of location-based content: Concept and implementation of backend architecture and various parser modules to process a variety of formats. Ruby, Sinatra, Nokogiri, XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, Website-Crawling, Amazon S3, Google Chart API

06.2008 - 10.2008
Siemens AG & Department of Mobile and Distributed Systems, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Research Associate

Design an XML-based format to describe buildings featuring routing support for different use cases (vehicle, pedestrian, escape routes, individuals with disability). XML-Schema, DTD Design and implementation of a platform-independent building Editor by integrating existing construction plans. Java, Swing, XML, JAXB Development of a graphical frontend for the 'Ekahau Indoor Positioning Engine' with real-time view, optimal route planning based on various criteria. Java, Swing, XML, JGraphT, JAXB

05.2007 - 03.2008
Trupoli AG Munich Software Developer

Backend and frontend development of a web 2.0 social network with a focus on policy. Ruby on Rails, MySQL, RSpec, REST, JavaScript, Prototype, Scriptaculous, AJAX, HTML, CSS, memcached, Apache, Mongrel, Nginx, SEO

09.2003 - 04.2007
Freelancer Munich Focus: Web Development

Contract work in web design and programming: including a travel portal with search engine, as well as websites of various companies. PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Apache, Linux

03.2003 - 05.2007
Pangora GmbH / Lycos Europe Munich Web Developer

Frontend development of of various European price comparison sites and search engines such as Lycos Shopping, RTL, Fireball, HotBot, T-Online, AOL, some with direct contact with customers. PHP, Apache, MySQL, Linux, CVS, Subversion, JavaScript, Emacs, vi SEO of several market leading price comparison sites. Perl, Regular Expressions Development of of various tracking and analysis tools. PHP, Perl, Bash, Linux, Logfile Analyse

03.2001 - 11.2002
Freelancer Munich Focus: Media Design

Contract work in graphics, layout and prepress: including several editions of a flyer magazine. Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, InDesign

1996 - 2001
Montafon Film Allgäu Editor, Assistant to the production supervisor, Production Supervisor

Editing and post-production of several parts of TV the series „ZDF-Sonntagskonzert“ and several commercials for various tourism regions in the alps. Avid MediaComposer, MacOS, Avid XPress


09.2003 - 12.2010
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Degree: Computer science graduate (Informatik Diplom)

Diploma thesis: Recommendations Based on Location-Fingerprints
Project thesis: Location and status recognition in sensor networks based on TinyOS
Focus: Mobile and distributed systems, mobile communication, database systems, software architecture, computational linguistics

03.2001 - 02.2003
Macromedia Akademie für neue Medien Munich Degree: Digital Media Designer

Thesis: Fully operational online ticketing system for cinemas
Focus: Web programming and design, layout and prepress, video postprocessing

till 06.1999
Gymnasium Sonthofen Allgäu Degree: Abitur

Intensive courses: Mathematics, Biology
Thesis: Linear transformations of complex numbers


Project: Laser Cutter DIY'er

Design and implementation of a laser cutting machine based on Arduino and a laser diode from a DLP projector. Release under open source licence planned. OpenSCAD, Arduino, GRBL, electronic knowledge, 3D modelling, CNC, CAM

Project: 3D Printer DIY'er

Building and improving a 3D printer based on an existing design with minor modifications. 3D printing, Marlin, OpenSCAD, Slic3r, Arduino, RepRap

Mountain Bike Guide Alps / Pyrenees Qualification: DIMB certified Trailscout

Professional guiding of multi-day mountain bike tours as well as personal training of technical skills. Group motivation, teaching experience, first aid education

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